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Save the drama fo yo mamma

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Bizzaro Maria
Kyrene Middle School - Tempe AZ (1990 - 1992)
Libertyville High School - Libertyville IL (1992 - 1996)
Indiana University - Bloomington - Bloomington IN (1996 - 2000)
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40's, 50's, a capella, a3, acting, anime, arts and crafts, assistant director, ballet, ballroom, bowling, california, chicago, chicago el, computers, contracts, cooking, crochet, dga training program, dinner parties, directing, director's guild of america, england, family, fencing, film production, foxtrot, friends, fright fest, gaming, germany, god of war, hiking, horseback riding, house, inara bbs, interior design, ireland, isca bbs, japan, jazz, jujitsu, kareoke revolution, kickboxing, killer bunnies, krav, los angeles, mac, makeup design, martial arts, movies, munchkin, murder mystery, music, organic, painting, period clothing, piano playing, pool, producing, reading, relationships, relaxing, ren faire, role playing, science fiction, sewing, shopping, singing, sleep, smallville, snow skiing, sound design, sports cars, sundance, swimming, swing dancing, swords, tango dancing, tap, theatre, tv production, uber_deutsch, waltz, wedding planning, wine
Lumpyhead has recently graduated the infamous DGA Training Program.
After giving half her life blood, her first born, and a kidney, she got her official Director's Guild of America membership card and now is off to conquer the universe of TV/FILM production.

Lumpyhead also was recently married to the wonderful and amazing uber_deutsch.
So, when she's not working her butt off on the set, or trying to catch up on sleep, she's well... you know.
The two of them have just gotten back from their adventures in Japan, and life has settled into a steady drone of playing "God of War II", freelance work, meditation, and house hunting. (Because heavens forfend we actually just SAVE money.)

Work will begin in mid July, at which point the hectic lifestyle begins anew.

If Lumpyhead had any words of advice to give, I'm sure it would be something like:
"You can never have too many socks... or shoes."